About me:
Critical thinker. Insatiably curious. Results driven.

Senior Human Resources professional with expertise in HR Management and Talent Acquisition, covering multiple areas of HR discipline. Experience gained with both local entrepreneurial companies and international matrix-structured corporations.

My perspective on HR

HR role is not to „take care for employees to be happy”. HR purpose is to attract, retain, develop and administrate human resources according to company needs in order to achieve business objectives.
Of course, you cannot attract best employees if your employer brand sucks and you cannot retain personnel if you don’t keep them motivated and so on… but those are means of HR not its purpose.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about people, neither that we cannot have friends in our company. But when it comes to our job we take into consideration results and competencies, not personal relationship.

Why this blog?

Because I think people should ask for a different point of view when it comes to their career. I suggest the HR Perspective. You decide if you adhere to this or not, whether the arguments are strong or not.

The HR guy/girl is sometimes the evil person who doesn’t put you on the shortlist for the job of your dreams, enforces rules in a company, offers consultancy to your manager when it comes to layoffs and so on. Well … this is an employee/candidate perspective.
If you want to know how your situation is seen by an HR person,just ask.

You can contact me at: hrperspective . blog [at] gmail.com

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